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Statement of Capability:

BRETTONWOOD was formed to support the aims of the United Nations Conference (Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA, 1944) which brought about the IMF and the World Bank. This set the scene for the developed countries to help less developed nations of the world towards true economic growth. The broad objective of the company is to provide consulting service that assists developing nations and nations in transition to strengthen their economic growth through technical assistance and transfer of know-how, thus leading edge-knowledge being brought to bear on critical development issues.

BRETTONWOOD principals are professionally qualified, multi-disciplinary experts who have extensive consulting experience in over 60 countries, working in multi-cultural environments; all are professional members of the Institute of Management Consultancy (IMC), UK, and are bound by the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct. They provide the skills needed to analyse problems, provide solutions, manage large-scale projects, implement cost-effective improvements in public sector reforms, health, education, equal opportunities and access, communications etc.

BRETTONWOOD provides help in the fields of project preparation, funding applications, industrial development, institution building, training, organization and management reviews, project monitoring and evaluation, and enterprise development, women in development. It is Company policy to work closely at all times with clients’ staff thus ensuring that realistic, practical, and enduring solutions are provided which are suited to the conditions and the environment of the client organization.

BRETTONWOOD encourages the use of local consultants, working in partnership, and are committed to a policy of transferring their technology and know-how to client staff and counterparts. This policy reduces client costs through effective use of local skills and means that Brettonwood provides only the consultancy services that are clearly not available to the client from indigenous sources. This approach to working closely with local experts has given them experience of different cultures which makes them more effective in achieving minimum lead-in times to projects.

is dedicated to bringing to bear leading edge-knowledge to issues in development to achieve sustainable improvement. It specialises in the area of ‘project cycle’ consultancy, institution building, civil service reform, organisation and management reviews and improvement, assessment of training needs, development of training programmes and their delivery, SME, equal opportunities and access programmes for minority groups, urban regeneration, local economic development through employment creation, training, economic strategy, and infrastructure development, marketing, MIS, economic and industrial planning, economies in transition, privatisation and institutional reforms.

BRETTONWOOD is particularly strong in assisting minority groups and has delivered major programmes for these groups through equal opportunities and access initiatives in education, employment, training, enterprise development and social housing. Its UK clients include government, major public and private sector organisations, training and enterprise councils (TECs) and Business Links, urban development corporation, housing corporation, housing associations and co-operatives dedicated to assisting minority and disadvantaged groups in UK. Brettonwood’s Principal, Mr Suhail Aziz, has sat on Ministerial Advisory Councils advising Ministers at Cabinet level on immigration, race and community relations and employment discrimination issues. He has been member of several organisations with mission to assist minority groups and their wider social integration. He has done an internship in the USA to study initiatives to help minority groups through training and support.

BRETTONWOOD consultants are engineers, accountants, teachers, trainers, managers, with long and successful careers of overseas work experience. They offer experience in agriculture, manufacturing, civil service and public administration reforms, institution building, economics, enterprise, education, health, housing, transport, corporate development, and infrastructure development including inland water transport and navigation. They provide the skills needed to analyse problems, provide solutions, manage large scale projects, implement cost-effective improvements, motivate staff and provide all aspects of HR services. They have the experience of providing valuable advice for technology transfers in multi-cultural organisations with the right sensitivity.

BRETTONWOOD produces work of the highest professional standard. They insist that all their associates possess outstanding academic qualifications, a successful overseas track record, and an individual commitment to the developing world. Through their membership of the UK Institute of Management Consultancy (IMC) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). A high level of personal performance if guaranteed.

BRETTONWOOD is widely registered as international management consultants within the DACON System of the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, European Commission, UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) etc. The company has an Associates Register of over 200 multi-disciplinary experts with multi-sector, multi-cultural experience – drawn from Europe, USA, Asia and the Pacific countries.

BRETTONWOOD will respond quickly to enquiries from prospective clients or international aid agencies. A letter or facsimile will receive immediate attention from Brettonwood. Please ring 00 44 (0) 208 659 0780 and speak to Mr Suhail Aziz, Brettonwood’s Principal.
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